Tammy Priest


Tammy was blessed to grow up in a wonderful family with Christian parents. She gave her heart to Jesus in vacation bible school at five years of age after almost dying. She literally experienced God's presence and intervention that day when she woke up in that hospital room and she has never forgotten it.  Growing up through the years, she came close to death several times and experienced many destructive type challenges. In 1980 she moved to Houston, Texas as a discouraged young adult in search of a change in her life. In her journey, she experienced the transforming power of God after receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1981. Jesus revealed Himself to her as Healer, both physically and emotionally, and delivered her from years of illness and defeat. She came to know the redemptive knowledge of God’s Word and His covenant promises. Tammy answered the call of God into the ministry that same year. Her life was dramatically and eternally changed forever!

20130402_180137_7-1 Tammy met and married a wonderful man of God after attending bible school with a heart for the lost by the name of Ben Priest.  Together they have worked to establish and build the international evangelistic outreach ministry of Tribe of Judah Motorcycle Ministries.  They also pastor River of God Church, a local church they started at the Lord's direction after obtaining the ministry headquarters property. Tammy assists in the preaching and teaching ministry of the church as well the ministry of Tribe of Judah. Over the last 39 years, she has also ministered in various churches, conferences, women events, bible schools, and various media avenues. Her teaching series have impacted people's lives in various parts of the world and even in prisons. Answering the call of God on her life has resulted in an international ministry to people in all walks of life.

Tammy has a heart for the lost and hurting and has ministered hope and healing to thousands. She desires to help people live in a real relationship with Jesus and also experience the abiding presence and power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill their purpose and destiny. Tammy is passionate for America and believes a great outpouring of Heaven is coming to this nation. Challenged personally over the years by the storms of life, she encourages people to become all God has created them to be and NEVER, EVER GIVE UP on their dreams!


Known as the “Happy Pastor’s Wife," Tammy takes great joy in being a wife, mother, grandmother, ordained minister and soulwinner.

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